How long do our orthopedic insoles last?

How long do our orthopedic insoles last?

Orthopedic insoles are said to go well within half to two years. But this is not true of ours. Our inserts, if you take good care of them, can last up to five years. It depends on their type and also on how you care for them. The underlay can be pasted over, so that the corrective function of the insert is maintained or can be renewed without you having to buy a new one.

How does the type of inserts decide on their service life?

In general, softer inserts are less durable and inserts stronger or harder are more durable. Then there are also two-layer inserts, which have a firmer bottom and softer upper layer.

Thin and soft insoles, which can be put into narrow formal shoes, will ensure comfort without taking up much space in the shoe. However, they are less durable, so it is inappropriate to use them in sports shoes or on trips. Then they are easier to scrub or break through the fallen dirt.

Hard inserts will provide great support and can handle even a large weight, they will last a lot, but they may not be the most comfortable. Such is good to choose for heavier individuals with a heavy load, or for athletes who move on clay.

Two-layered, combined inserts combine the advantages of both. However, if used incorrectly, the softer top layer can get shabby. Even so, the function of the insert is preserved, because the lower stronger layer and taping lasts.

How to care for the insoles?

After each wear, it is necessary to spill dirt from the shoes and remove the glued dirt from the liner (sand, stones, clay, clay). It is also advisable to rinse the inserts from time to time. Be careful, you must not dry the inserts on a hot stove, over a fire or a very hot heater.


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