Alexander’s technique

Alexander’s technique

  • Is the technique more than 100 years old
  • it can be used to learn to use the body and mind more efficiently and easily without effort
  • this will reduce unnecessarily high muscle tension and thus reduce pain

Alexander’s technique will help you, for example:

  • learn natural and correct breathing
  • find optimal and comfortable sitting positions in sedentary work
  • relax in pregnancy and preparation for childbirth
  • improve athletic performance
  • with performance – for actors, singers, etc.
  • and also relieves anxiety and depression


In everyday life, we usually don’t think about how we move, how we hold our body, and it never occurs to us that what our thoughts are affects our posture and how we feel. And that the interconnectedness of thoughts and our muscles, muscle tension has a great connection.

Understanding how to function, walk balanced without much effort, sit with a straight spine without rigidity in this is what Alexander’s technique helps us to do.

Giving attention to our body pays off and can bring not only big changes, but also mainly pain relief.

Experience with the effect of alexander’s technique

One of my clients suffered from repeated muscle and joint pain and was very sensitive to a bad mattress while sleeping. She was even sensitive to normal movements that put more strain on her body than expected.  The pain came in various activities, both specific and common, e.g. playing the piano – wrist pain, using a mobile phone – cervical spine, thumb pain when moving, long sitting during meditation – lower back. Gradual work on the overall tuning of the system, but also on individual activities, the pain subsided. And if they came back, she knew how to treat them.

By being aware of the body at rest and moving, by understanding the context, our patterns, which often harm us and prevent us from living life without tension and pain.

Personally, I appreciate this work more and more, after many years of practice and also after many years of pain, I find more meaning in it and I cannot imagine that I would not have this tool for myself.

“Exercise” with the Alexander technique lasts 50 min. and costs 800,-


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