• how we work:

Our goal is to enable you to do your favorite sport without restrictions and especially in the long term! Therefore, we focus on eliminating the cause of the difficulties. Our goal is not just to “repair” an acute injury. We take injury as a signal of long-term overload resulting from some error in muscle coordination. By eliminating this error, the overloaded structure is lightened and has the opportunity to heal. Another goal is to detect the problem directly in the sport and teach you to perform it more effectively. This will not only reduce the risk of further injury, but also achieve a better economy, and therefore performance.

Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization prof. Kolář’s approach is very successful in sports.

Kineziotejping je dalším výhodným pomocníkem při sportu. Naučíme vás, jak tejping aplikovat, aby byl co nejefektivnější.

Analysis of movement in sports – pain or chronic injuries is most often based on a certain error in coordination, which a person constantly repeats during sports. By eliminating this error, the problem disappears and, in addition, efficiency is improved. When a given movement is filmed and the video is processed into individual phases of the movement, the error is easily detected. With targeted exercise, it is possible to correct this mistake.

Stop playing sports is not a solution, often you just need to adjust the movement to make it healthier for you.

What difficulties do we treat:

  • Pain in joints, muscles, tendons, tendons
  • Back pain, disc herniation
  • Sports injuries – distortion (spraining) of the hock, knee injuries, stretching to tearing of muscles, tendons, conditions after fractures
  • Prevention


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