Balanced Health System

Comprehensive program supporting complex health of employees within the high performing teams  

The Balanced Health System changes workplace paradigms in areas of sustainable development and performance of its employees with respect to their health.

Our main goal in the program is to:

• Support and eventually regain an individual’s full potential, both physically and mentally

• Increase awareness and responsibility for ones health

• Re-activate the self-regulatory mechanisms of the body to help sustain results long-term and prevent dysfunction

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Participants will benefit from:

  • Restoration and improvement of internal experiences like motivation and greater incentive for work/life
  • Learning tools and know-hows that are beneficial in all aspects of life
  • A highly individual and comprehensive approach with experts in the fields complemented by Inner Game coaching throughout the duration of the program
  • Strengthening team stability, and improving the corporate culture
  • Prevention of work-related consequences such as burnout syndrome and others

Participants of program can choose between the individual cooperation with the expert from the Be Balanced team or can visit some of the workshops or presentation.

We achieve these aims through coaching and self-learning techniques using concepts of the Business and Life coaching methods and with the collaboration of expert individuals within the bio-psycho-social model, according to the World Health Organization standards.

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