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The muscular system is the most powerful system of the body and yet it is often underestimated by us. The first sign of dysfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system is a change in muscle tension, then when the pain comes. These are functional disorders that are reversible and it is very useful to intervene therapeutically at this stage. The advantage is not to seek physiotherapy / massage only during periods of pain, but to give your body regular preventive care. Embark on a journey of active approach to your health, instead of suppressing pain and other symptoms of the drug.

That is why we at Be Balanced offer various types of massages as another piece in the mosaic of body and soul care and a responsible approach to life.


What types of massages can we offer you at Be Balanced:


Classic massage

It is designed to refresh and regenerate a tired body and to regain vital energy, to reduce stress and anxiety, as a prevention of changes in tension and pain in the muscular system.

We offer back and neck massage.

Massage triggers a number of processes, whether on a mental, physical or biomechanical level. The following table summarizes the following effects:

Psychological effects Physiological effects Reflex effects  Biomechanical effects
Improving the perception of bodily sensations Changes in tissues Influence on movement sensors (proprioceptors) Mechanical pressure on tissues
↑ relaxation ↑ blood circulation ↓ pain ↑ muscle flexibility
↓ anxiety ↑ parasympathetic activity ↓ muscle tension ↑ range of movements in the joints
↑ leaching of relaxation hormones ↓ neuromuscular excitability ↑ venous and lymphatic drainage
↓ leaching of stress hormones ↓ tissue stiffness
↓ tissue adhesions

Conditions where the massage could be harmful and it is not possible to perform it:

Acute conditions:

  • Acute cold (runny nose, cough, fever)
  • Deep vein thrombosis or condition within 3 months after onset
  • Inflammation of the veins or condition within 3 months after the onset
  • Swelling
  • Client under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances
  • Decompensation of any chronic disease
  • Just after eating

Chronic diseases:

  • Cancer illnesses
  • Heart disease
  • Vascular diseases – bleeding diseases, more severe varicose veins in a given place
  • Generalized osteoporosis
  • Chronic infectious diseases
  • Skin diseases (fungi, eczema, fresh scars)
  • Total body weakness

The therapist / masseur reserves the right to refuse the client if a contraindication to massage is suspected.

Special types of massages in Be Balanced.

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