Craniosacral therapy

It is a very gentle but effective method, where the therapist respects the body and the processes taking place in it. The aim of the treatment is to induce a state of harmony and rebalance of the whole system – body, emotions, mind.
The method uses cerebrospinal fluid pulsation for diagnosis. It moves inside the system of membranes going from the skull (cranium) through the spine to the sacrum. Thanks to the transmission through the fascia, it is palpable throughout the body. The palpation therapist evaluates the client’s current vitality and health, as well as weak and tense areas. He then works with subtle techniques on the identified imbalances, which can be caused by a physical cause, as well as, for example, emotional stress and the like.
The method is suitable for all ages.

Treatment of adults with craniosacral therapy is recommended, for example, in:

– headaches, neck and back pain, migraines
– scoliosis, problems with coordination of movement
– chronic fatigue,
– eye problems, after demanding dental treatments, braces
– for tinnitus
– indigestion
– premenstrual syndrome
Consequences of injuries and operations, etc.

Treatment of babies and children with craniosacral therapy is mainly used:

– as a supplement to Vojta’s method
– with colic, frequent crying
– problems with sleep, sucking
– in learning disabilities, concentration, hyperactivity, etc.

How does craniosacral therapy work?

Ideally lying on a lounger or mattress in clothes. The treatment is at a calm and slow pace without manipulations with gentle touches on the legs, pelvis, abdomen, head. The client gets into a relaxed, meditative state. Depending on sensitivity, they may or may not perceive heat, armor, flow of energy, see images, feel emotions.
Working with children, who are often hyperactive and restless, requires a great deal of flexibility from the therapist. The treatment takes place either on a lounger or on the ground during quiet play, sometimes in the parent’s lap. Building a sense of trust is key to cranio therapy. It pays to be patient and allow the body enough time to react at its own pace.
Sometimes, when treating young children, their natural connection to the mother can be used and the mother can be treated first in the presence of the child. This benefits from the treatment without imposing excessive demands on it.

How often is craniosacral therapy appropriate?

The optimal frequency depends on many factors – the type of difficulties solved, the initial state of the body, etc. In adults, the usual interval between treatments is two to three weeks. For babies, one treatment is usually enough, for children with ADHD, regular treatment every week or every fortnight is recommended.

Craniosacral therapy is performed in our country:

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