Scar tissue restrictions – the root casuse of the movement difficulties

Do you suffer backache after the surgery? Or do you have a squeezed scar after surgery like a “appendix” or “Caesarean section” and have chronic back or neck back problems? It can be caused by an active scar!

It may be difficult to believe that a scar from a childhood accident, a surgery done in the past, or from a major injury can have long-term effects on your physical (and mental) well-being. Truthfully, the importance of scar tissue and its relation to pain, particularly chronic, and movement dysfunction is very often overlooked in the world of rehabilitation.

In therapy, we often prefer to use the umbrella term ‘adhesion’ of the soft tissues, with scar tissue being one specific part of it. Scar tissue and adhesions are recognized as fibrous connective tissue (made up of collagen) that has replaced damaged normal tissue and skin after some injury. Even though scars are the result of a biological healing process, during the remodeling phase, the tissue doesn’t often reorganize in a physiological pattern.

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