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Our dear clients, we greatly appreciate your feedback and evaluation that you send us after visiting and using the services of the Be Balanced Center and Rehabilitation. We appreciate your time and trust, we will continue to try to make you as satisfied with us as before.

What do I like so much here?

(Kateřina N.)

1) Beautiful and very personal approach to clients. Everyone is always smiling and sending out positive energy. I never feel like a thing on a treadmill. Valid for all employees including the receptionist
2) Wide scope and experience. Therapists have a common DNS method, but everyone has different experience and specialization, so they complement each other and share knowledge and practices. They are experienced.They beautifully explained to me what exactly my problem was and why the previous method probably didn’t work for me (which isn’t bad at all, but not for everyone).
3) Therapists write detailed notes from each exercise, i.e. they then purposefully ask how I feel, what has changed and are constantly in the picture.
4) Therapists respond to the current state of the client. For example, my pain moves between the parties, sometimes it tightens me on one side, sometimes on the other. Martina always deals with it with me immediately, releasing sore spots. Also, the exercises are tailored to everyone, depending on how the shortened muscles are, etc. Thus, one exercise can have a lot of different modifications that they will be happy to teach you here, so everyone has exercises really tailored to your needs.
5) The body is taken as a whole. Thus, it is not only treated at the site of pain, but also the tissues around it are mobilized, but also the distant ones that are seemingly not related to the problem (but are related to :)) so that the body functions beautifully interconnected, like the watchmaker’s machine. This absolutely fascinates me here!


In June, I suffered an acute back blockade, on which I received analgesics and bed rest, followed by rehabilitation in a state facility. The blockade turned into chronic pain and tingling in the leg, and rehabilitation worked only at the beginning, then, on the contrary, there was a worsening of the difficulties. So I searched the internet for something else, and thankfully I came across Be Balanced. When I arrived, I barely leaned over, could not sit without pain, lie down, sleep, tie my shoelaces. The diagnosis was major degenerative changes in the lumbar spine when I was 28 years old.
Since mid-September, I have been going to Be Balanced regularly and my condition has changed radically. It is the beginning of November (ie about 7 weeks on the DNS method and a total of over 4 months since the back blockade) and I go every day for 6-8 km walks almost without pain, I can work standing at the computer for a few hours during the day, I manage daily activities.I tie my own laces without feeling like my back will burst, I turn in bed, I sleep a beautiful 6 hours of taste (lately and longer), I also wash the dishes. The tingling of the foot is there. Sitting still remains a problem, but even that is gradually adjusting and increasing the time I can sit without pain. The back blockade is almost gone, and I already believe that it will be good again.
Degenerative changes will probably stay on my spine, but thanks to Be Balanced, I already know that it is possible to live with it and work on it, as terrible as this diagnosis at 28 sounds. I can’t put into words how happy I am to have found this center. From the first visit to Mrs. Dagmar Lisá, I knew that I was in good hands. At the beginning, she performed an examination, studied all the previous materials and found out how much (in)mobile I was in. Since the first consultation, I have been practicing the first exercises from DNS. 

I know I’m far from won yet and I’m still balancing “on a knife edge”. Only recently I successfully mastered the first position, which is not in the supine position on my stomach. But thanks to the attitude and energy of the therapists at Be Balanced, I am positive, I have the stamina to exercise (I exercise several times a day honestly, every day, without which it is unfortunately not possible to :)) and I believe that it will be good again. Thanks to!

Only here did they really help me

(Libor V.)

Problems with the spine accompanied me for many years – a narrow spinal canal, a displaced vertebra in the lumbar region, a deflected disc, a sedentary job, a car commute, stresses and lack of movement, all this was painfully reflected in my back. A week before the birth of my son, due to an acute blockade of the lumbar spine, I ended up in the hospital for neurology, but conservative treatment with injections and drips brought me only short-term relief. I went through the subsequent physiotherapy (exercises, magnets, electrotherapy), but the pain remained and the doctors began to talk about a possible operation. Based on a tip from friends, I got into the care of Mgr. Dagmar Mostecká and her team and only here they really helped me. It was only here that I experienced a comprehensive approach, thanks to which Mrs. Mostecká combined the results of the previous examinations with her own careful observation and questioning and set up an effective rehabilitation procedure.They taught me to exercise purposefully and thanks to regular classes at the Be Balanced center and my own exercise at home, my condition soon improved significantly, the pain almost disappeared and the mobility improved substantially. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of the rehabilitation center very much and wish them a lot of healed patients!

There is no pain that Mrs. Magistra could not cope with…

(Magda Šlehoferová s rodinou)

Many thanks to Mrs. Mgr. Lisé, who always saved me and other family members from health problems with her perfect, professional work and great human approach and allowed me to return to normal life and basketball as soon as possible. Because our family lives an active, sporting life, almost everyone is in pain and there is no pain that the master would not cope with. Me, an active basketball player, among other things, healed the knee, removed the fierce pain (doctors recommended surgery), corrected the ankle after a sprain, warmed up her arm after a broken collarbone. All with an overview and great confidence.She works with her mother to correct the cervical spine, she corrected her grandmother’s hand with suspicion of the need for carpal tunnel surgery, she removed my father’s miraculously great pain in the hip and buttocks caused by disc herniation, she straightens her sister’s chest and whole body, especially during the exam period, when she sits and learns…Mrs. Master is very nice, she can always help me, warm up everything, advise how to work with the body further, recommend any nutritional supplements, exercise aids. She is indispensable for our whole family.

Professionalism. Individual approach. Willingness. Permanent relief. Continuous improvement of health. And every time a smile not only as a welcome.

(Pavel Fencl)

Pain. This is already such a classic. Moaning or complaining doesn’t help. I tried. Many years ago, a specialist doctor, after entering the office and “complaining” asked me a simple question: “And what are you doing for this guy?”. “I do sports X times a week.” I sat down. Mathematics has always been great for me. “Your back is fine. So do sports. Sister next!”A little angry with myself and the doctor from the health factory, I left with my back pain.
As the years grew, I gradually enriched the sport with back massages, later their rehabilitation in a health factory and finally drips to relieve pain. But the next stage of the classic method of healing, surgery, does not really attract me anymore!
Not only that’s why I’m here. Professionalism. Individual approach. Willingness. Permanent relief. Continuous improvement of health. And every time a smile not only as a welcome. You can’t resist that.

I appreciate your skills and knowledge. You are still enabling me to carry out my vocation. I would probably have a hard time doing it without you.

(Vlastimila K.)

5 years ago I was diagnosed with two prolapses in the lumbar spine, plus a displacement of the vertebra forward by 7 mm and consequently a narrowing of the spinal canal. I had pain in both legs and occasional back pain. Since I make a living from sports (I teach TV at university), these difficulties were very limiting for me. Since childhood, I have played tennis competitively, which probably contributed to my troubles.

I was recommended surgery. I decided to treat it with exercise. I tried different methods with a transient effect. Now I practice at Be Balanced and gradually I have mastered the exercise that helps me. Now I understand how everything is interconnected, and that it is not possible to treat the place of pain, but its often distant cause. To give an example, I came with a lot of pain in my left knee. The orthopedist assumed it was a knee problem. He gave me a spray that didn’t help. Mrs. Lisá, on the other hand, did not focus on the knee at all, in the exercise she helped me to intensively straighten and mobilize the thoracic spine and engage the diaphragm and abdomen, she relaxed my ribs and the knee pain immediately stopped. I attend approx. 1x a month for control exercises and body comparison.

Now I can devote myself to recreationally and occasionally other sports – cycling, Nordic walking, skiing, light trot, sometimes tennis. I know I have to exercise and indulge in some sports only to a limited extent.

Dasha, thank you very much for the maximum care and relief.

(Milan Basl)

I would never have believed that chest pain, rib blockages with back pain could put a person out of order for several months. At first I could not breathe, the pain gripped my chest and over time the pain changed both in intensity and parts of the chest and back. First of all, I was quite startled by the tight chest pain with a limiting breath.

First, I underwent an ECG. Everything was fine. Next, X-ray of the heart and lungs – ok. Sent to orthopedics with dg. joint blockade and prescribed drugs that did not help at all. After further checking written RHC. But rehabilitation in our health care (10-15min) probably few will help. The sequel was neurology.There I again met with a negative attitude of the doctor, where after reading all the medical reports he stated ” if no one knows what to do next, they send all the people to us “. At that point, I’d love to turn around and leave. Examination in order. Back to the orthopedist, but he has probably already resigned. he didn’t know what to do.. shrugged his shoulders.. he just said, it takes movement .

He returned the medicine.message to me without adding anything and I left in disgust. Thus, I got to know the reality and negative attitudes of some doctors in our health care system and how everything works.

I continued alone and searched for “blockages of joints, ribs” and I discovered the website of Mrs. Mgr. Lisé-Mostecká and made an appointment.

Already at the first meeting, Mrs. Lisá impressed me very pleasantly, sympathetically with a human and professional approach, as well as a clean and nice environment.  Calmly and willingly, she listened to my problems and got to work (she very willingly showed me the exercises and I was surprised how weak my internal muscles were).The next day I was surprised that I didn’t feel much pain. After two days, everything came back. After further therapies, the days without pain lengthened. He always devotes himself to me fully and intensively for the whole hour. In total, I visited Mgr D. Lisa-Mostecka about 8 times, but it was worth it!It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. I admire her permanent and positive mood with a smile. She is an absolute professional who fully controls her field and helps us. (if only everything worked like this in healthcare)

I owe a great deal of my individual and professional approach to both Be Balanced physiotherapists and I would like to thank them here.


Long-term overloading of the spine resulted in my prolapse of two discs in the lumbar region. Unfortunately, the prescribed physiotherapy I attended was without effect. In addition, instead of improving, after two months I added headaches in the back and neck. I was desperate, after the subsequent drips in the hospital and opiates in the pills, my condition did not improve, rather it worsened.I could not sit without pain, stand any longer. At work, I had to alternate kneeling with walking and occasionally lying down so that I could work at least for a while, with the concomitant help of pain medication and a corset lumbar orthosis. The liberation for me was a stay in the rehabilitation department in the hospital, where I first became acquainted with the method of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS).This exercise is the only one that comprehensively solves all my problems of the musculoskeletal system that caused damage due to overloading the structures.

Today I know how important proper breathing and torso stability are. However, I knew that without help I could not yet exercise properly. The second week after my discharge from the hospital, I started attending group exercises at Rehabilitation Be Balanced. Under the guidance of physiotherapists, I learn how to engage and properly stabilize the trunk in muscle interplay. When I went to the first lesson, I thought I wouldn’t even make it.

Now, after a few weeks, I see and feel positive results on myself. The pains are less and I no longer need to eat as many pain pills a day to handle normal activities. I believe that in time my body will be able to sit again.

The result of our cooperation is the previously absolutely unthinkable expansion of the momentum of my stiff lumbar spine and, above all, the fact that I usually do not hurt anything.

(Jitka Rudolfová)

I have been having physiotherapy sessions with Mgr. Dáša Mostecka for half a year. My state of health requires regular physiotherapy. I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was born. I have cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy), which causes my muscles to contract more than normal. Since I have visited many different physiotherapists in my life, I can appreciate Dasha’s professionalism.Not only is he very good at the Vojta method, which is one of the few that has a positive effect on my disease, but I also know that he can see his patient as a person – and not just as a system of bones, muscles and ligaments.
The result of our cooperation is the previously absolutely unthinkable expansion of the momentum of my stiff lumbar spine and, above all, the fact that I usually do not hurt anything. And that’s definitely an achievement.

All the exercises they recommended to me are really targeted and complement each other perfectly. And most importantly, they really WORK. If it weren’t for these exercises, I don’t know how I would have ended up. The operation would definitely not miss me.

(Michal Š.)

At the outset, I want to say that I am a person who does not write reviews in principle. This time, however, I am very happy to make an exception and write my first review, and that is because I owe a lot to Be Belanced and their practice and approach.

A bit of history:

I am 40 years old. My back problems began as a child. I did competitive gymnastics and at the age of 13 I had an injury in the lumbar region of the back. From about twenty years old, I had two to three weeks of back pain at five-year intervals.

In the summer of 2015, my back problems returned with unprecedented intensity. The pain began in the lumbar region and gradually spread to the right leg. First she shot into her thigh, then into her calf until she reached her foot. I was suffering from great pain in my entire right leg. Painkillers did not provide any relief.I could not find a position in which the pain would be relieved. I couldn’t sit, lie or stand. Sleep was suffering. The biggest pain was caused by sitting. Another complication was that I lost feeling in parts of my leg and could not fully control my leg. I couldn’t stand on my toe, my leg was sinking. I lost a reflex in my Achilles tendon.

I began treatment in neurology. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnosed with a 1 cm disc herniation between the last vertebra and the sacrum with severe oppression of the sciatic nerve. I took a set of ten infusions (corticosteroids + analgesics), without improvement.

The pain lasted over four months. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do next. The final recommendation of neurologists was surgery – removal of the prolapse by surgical means. I have even already been ordered to neurology for surgery.

Be Balanced:

A friend of mine once recommended be Balanced rehabilitation. On Saturday I sent an e-mail to Mrs. Dagmar Mostecká, in which I briefly described my situation and asked for a date. To my great surprise and joy, I received an answer the same day (I note on Saturday!) and was booked for an initial visit the very next Monday.

During my rehabilitation at Be Balanced, I met Mrs. Master Mostecka and Mrs. Zuzana Krchová, to whom I began to go for regular rehabilitation after two initial visits. Both of them are absolutely impeccable and understand their work.

Right from the first visits, we started with exercise, which, so to speak, was tailored to me or directly on my body. The exercises I learned were then done at home. Right from the start, I practiced for one to two hours a day.

Right after a few initial visits, my condition began to improve. I couldn’t believe it. Where chemistry and classical medicine have failed, exercise has worked. After such a long time of constant deterioration of my condition, the trend has reversed. I would never have believed that exercise could bring about such a change.

At first, the pain began to ease, until it gradually began to fade. Feeling also began to return to insensitive places and I again began to fully control the whole leg. Gradually, the pain completely subsided, leaving only tingling in the right foot. It was a relief that I was once again able to sleep all night without any painkillers. We proceeded in small steps.

Unfortunately, development has not always had only an improving tendency. Twice there was a deterioration. For the first time, severe pain suddenly began to shoot into my right buttocks whenever I straightened up. It subsided after about one and a half weeks. The second time, the tingling in the foot intensified a lot and the sensation in the right thigh decreased. After a week and a half, it got better again. These deteriorations probably occurred in my sleep (I roll around a lot at night). With each of these deteriorations, we adjusted and adapted the exercises.

Thanks to exercise, my condition improved so much that immediately after the New Year, I canceled the planned operation, because there is simply no need.

After almost three months, thanks to my visits to Be Balanced and thanks to exercise, my condition improved to the point that we agreed to try some sport, namely swimming. And it worked. I swam a crawl because the spine is straight and the person does not bend. It was great. Since then, I have been going swimming regularly once a week.

Almost four months have passed since my first visit to Be Balanced. During that time, my state of health has changed beyond recognition. The pain has completely subsided, I fully control my leg, I can stand, walk, lie down and even sit without any problems and without restrictions. A week ago, my reflex even returned to my Achilles tendon – after more than half a year, I didn’t even believe it would ever return.

I go swimming, and gradually I hope we will start adding more sports. The only thing that still remains is the tingling in the right foot, which is not very strong and will hopefully disappear over time.

However, this improvement is not just self-evident. It is only and only thanks:

1) Impeccable attitude and professionalism at Be Balanced. They really understand their work and can recommend a course of action that leads to improvement. All the exercises they recommended to me are really targeted and complement each other perfectly. And most importantly, they really WORK. If it weren’t for these exercises, I don’t know how I would have ended up. The operation would definitely not miss me.

2) Endurance, discipline and regular exercise. It really wants to practice, practice…. I currently exercise twice a day, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. And I’m definitely not going to stop practicing.

I know that I haven’t fully won yet, and a person with a prolapse will probably never have that. But I’m definitely on the right track. Exercise got me out of suffering and returned me to normal life.

100% professionalism and always nice and helpful approach

Petra Š.

I would like to thank Mgr. Dagmar Mostecká and Mgr. Zuzka Krchová for their professional care, thanks to which I was able to return to sport after 10 months. I made an appointment with Mgr. Mostecká on the recommendation of my friend after I had undergone various rehabilitations, massages and medical treatments with orthopedists, whose final verdict was “the need for surgical intervention in the shoulder joint”, the damage of which occurred as a result of a skiing accident. However, since I still hoped that it was possible to avoid the operation, I made an appointment with Mrs. Mostecká. Already for the first visit, I felt a significant positive change – the shoulder was much more mobile and the pain was milder. After five visits to Mrs. Mostecka and Zuzka Krchová, the overall condition of my shoulder joint improved so much that I was able to start swimming and go to the gym again. In addition – a pleasant bonus of visits to Be Balanced is a beautiful and clean environment, 100% professionalism and always nice and helpful approach of both physiotherapists. I can only recommend Be balanced.

Reference od sportovců

Already after a few weeks of targeted exercise, the pain is minimal.

(Jan H.)

I have been doing endurance running for four years and with increasing joy and ambition I am gradually increasing my training load. Unfortunately, after about a year of training, I returned bilateral inflammation in the Achilles area, which I dealt with years ago in another sport. After demanding quality training, the pain was unbearable and did not subside even on days off. I started many trainings in such a way that the joy for which I actually do it disappeared from the sport.Visits to orthopedists and other specialists turned out the same: there is no help for me, I should stop running and prefer to ride a bike, or preferably not to do any sport. Already after a few weeks of targeted exercise, the pain is minimal. It is clear that the complete cure will take many months, but when running does not hurt, joy will return and it will go on its own.I can’t help but say to those who discouraged me from running: We do all this under a full training load of over 100 km a week!

After passing physiotherapy sessions at pi. At the beginning of April, I ran a half marathon in Most without any problems and at the beginning of May I ran the whole marathon.

(Věra Vavrejnová)

Last year I stretched the tendons on the inside of the sole of my left foot. This injury probably exacerbated the problem I had already had with my ankle – it began to deviate even more from the correct position and “sink” inwards.  Since I have been running recreationally for almost 30 years, it was not easy for me to start running instead of in the woods for orthopedics, but I had nothing else left.I visited several specialist doctors, received injections, went to rehabilitation exercises, magnetotherapy, bought special insoles, etc., but the pain subsided only very slowly. I hoped that I would ride without any problems at least on cross-country skis, but even there the pain increased sharply with increasing distance and onset of fatigue.

In mid-March of this year, I received advice from a friend (also a runner) to visit Mgr. Dagmar Mostecka. He guaranteed me that my problems would not be solved here by a simple: “Well, do not run”, but that Mrs. Mostecká would certainly try to find the cause of the difficulties on the basis of a general examination. This cause is then tried to eliminate so that the pain is not only suppressed for a short time, but permanently eliminated.

Fortunately, this friend was right. After passing physiotherapy sessions at pi. At the beginning of April, I ran a half marathon in Most without any problems and at the beginning of May I ran the whole marathon. Coincidentally, I cared a lot about this race and at the beginning of the year I would not have believed that I would be able to complete it without pain and that it would be one of the most beautiful of all the marathons I had ever run. I am very grateful to Mrs. Mostecká for that.

Anyone who thinks they supposedly have some incurable health problems should visit this physiotherapist, in my opinion probably the best in the field I have met so far.

(Ondřej Sedláček)

I do a lot of sports (formerly a competitive runner, now a triathlon) and I often suffer from various joint and muscle pains I started to visit various sports doctors. Probably the biggest problem occurred for me 7 years ago. I struggled with groin pain while running. All these years I tried all sorts of ointments and all sorts of methods of treatment: ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, laser, shock wave, etc.Over time, I came to terms with the fact that I would never be able to run properly again, among other things, because I had heard an opinion about a congenital movement defect. Once an acquaintance recommended me to visit Mrs. Mgr. Dagmar Mostecka and incredible things began to happen. Already after 14 days of special and at first glance ordinary exercises, I began to feel relief. After a few months, I started running as if I had never had any problems. Thanks to Mrs. Mostecka, this summer I fulfilled my biggest dream to ride the IRONMAN triathlon race, with which I have long since said goodbye. I still visit her office to this day and she still successfully helps me to eliminate various health problems caused by my demanding hobby.

If I can’t handle it myself, I know where to go.

(Pavla Havlová)

Since childhood I have been doing athletics – endurance running and I have been competing in cross-country skiing. On the one hand, I was probably lucky that my body was resilient and I avoided injuries for many years. On the other hand, no one has ever checked how I not only run, but also work out, walk or even just stand.I had no idea that it could matter until I started having health problems of a more permanent nature (pain in the achilles, ankle, back). Classical and sports doctors were not a real help. I found it only with Mgr. Dagmar Mostecká, who taught me to use my body much more effectively.Chronic ankle pain suddenly disappeared, the eternally stiff back relaxed, muscle imbalances began to adjust, and my flat feet slowly began to function normally. I still have problems with sports injuries, but I already know what each pain signals and that it draws my attention to what I neglected during my exercise. If I can’t handle it myself, I know where to go. And with the certainty that Dasha will return me “to the lath”.

If only there were more like Dasha who would really help…

(Petra Havlová)

As stated above, my sister Pavla has been more or less involved in athletics since my youth with a very positive relationship to long runs. I guess I was lucky that I never had to deal with any significant health problems. It wasn’t until 2008, when I had been suffering from problems with my achilles for about a year, that I visited Mgr. Dagmar Mostecka. Although I learned thanks to the accompanying magnetic resonance examination that it is a tear of the achilles directly from the heel bone, but thanks to Dasha and her special exercises, the condition was significantly improved. As with Pavla, I solved the problem with flat feet, better stability, Dáša taught me to engage the deep muscles of the trunk and a number of compensatory exercises. Thanks to Achilles, I also got to know the negative side of Czech healthcare. I visited several orthopedists whose services were covered by health insurance companies, but most of them were not even familiar with the magnetic resonance image. The examination took place with the maximum removal of the sock and the proposed solution often sounded comical – the problem is of a psychological nature, wear sandals when you are limping in running shoes, etc.Only during the last visit to one of the Liberec orthopedists was I examined similarly to Dáša and the doctor without any problems identified the problem from the magnetic resonance imaging images I brought and unfortunately stated the current inappropriateness of the operation, but on the contrary, he was surprised by the results of the six-month work of Dáša on my achilles…

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