Team coaching at Be Balanced

How do we understand team coaching?

We understand team coaching as a process in which the team is given the opportunity to discover its maximum potential. Furthermore, team members are aware of the barriers that prevent the full use of the team’s unique potential. At the end of the coaching process, the team is the best possible version of itself. This will enable the team to best fulfill its mission, ie to achieve the set goal as efficiently as possible, but sustainably.

Coaching is not counseling, but a guide. The coach helps the team members to realize what he wants to achieve, what prevents him from doing so, what his changes are like, and to accompany him on the journey through this transformation. The coach acts as a facilitator of change, points out possible blind spots in teamwork, and helps to make hidden hidden patterns of behavior visible.

Team coaching requires a high level of commitment from all team members on the path to change from an individualistic to a team setting. This means taking personal responsibility for team success. Like the pilots of the elite group flying team, they must be top pilots who put their skills into the group goal. If someone on the team stands out or is not enough for the group, the result of the whole team will be affected.


Who is team coaching for?

Team coaching is intended for groups of people who have, or should have, a common goal. Our clients include management teams of multinational companies, company executives and their teams, project teams, management teams at lower levels of management, teams of specialists, etc.

Team coaching is very effective for teams that:

  • undergo a change or
  • identify that they need change.
  • are newly formed,
  • aspiring to the qualities of high-performance teams.

If a more fundamental transformation is needed, the TUNE transformation program is very effective.

It is advisable to supplement the team coaching process with individual coaching for those team members who encounter some individual barriers or topics that need to be addressed individually so that they can continue the team coaching process or transformation program and be full members of the team.

How does the meeting go?

At the introductory meeting, we will clarify exactly the topic we will be working on and agree on whether the cooperation will be specifically targeted and limited to the given topic or whether it will be a longer-term cooperation.

Subsequently, we will agree on the framework of the meeting and also their form. It is ideal to set aside enough space and time for the first meeting and carry it out outside the premises of your organization. It is advisable to connect it with one of the off-site meetings of your team, or it is possible to hold the meeting in the Be Balanced premises. Subsequent meetings can take the same form, but it can also be a form of “sprints” in your company.

However, it is always advisable to intersperse these sprints with a longer meeting outside the premises of your organization.

How many meetings are needed?

It always depends on the agreement and the needs of the client. In some cases, only one meeting is enough. In most cases, however, several meetings are needed during the year, after which the cooperation and the achieved goals are evaluated and an agreement on further cooperation and its goals follows. Long-term, continuous cooperation is also possible, which is not purely specifically focused on one specific goal, but we address the current needs of the client as they come in time.

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