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Pregnancy and Postpartum care:


A woman´s body experiences enormous changes and difficulties during pregnancy as well as following the birth of the child, which influence posture, exacerbate musculoskeletal imbalances and may affect the muscles of the pelvic floor; all this whilst the mother has to start taking care of the baby, involving bending over the cot and breast-feeding etc. Even though the body slowly recovers, the baby becomes heavier, which may lead to constant discomfort. Moreover, it is often the case that such pregnancy-related issues occur when having a second child.
Therefore, it is essential that the recovery process begins as soon as possible following the birth, thus helping to restore muscle imbalance and to activate weakened muscles so as to promote renewed wellbeing.

Therapy for pelvic floor dysfunctions

Who is most affected?

  • Women during pregnancy and following childbirth
  • Women following gynaecological surgery
  • Women experiencing the menopause
  • Women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Women with digestive system conditions (Crohn’s disease, chronic constipation)

Successful treatment consists, to a great extent, of learning to “contact” and then activate the pelvic floor muscles. The natural functioning of the pelvic floor, moreover, is related to the quality of leg, hip joint and pelvis posture.

What can we offer?

A thorough physical examination and a detailed diagnosis of the pelvic floor

Exercises aimed at activating the pelvic floor muscles

Treatment for other parts of the body connected to the pelvic floor

The instrumental testing of pelvic muscle control through providing the patient with feedback on muscle activation (including electrostimulation where appropriate)

Assistance with activating the pelvic floor muscles as part of the normal daily routine.

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