Unfortunately, the number of children who experience this acquired disorder is gradually increasing and, on average, they are exhibiting significantly more coordination difficulties during development.

Such children are frequently described as “clumsy” or “awkward” by their friends and even teachers since they tend to have difficulties mastering simple motor activities such as tying their shoe laces or going downstairs; they frequently bump into walls or objects and, quite simply, have troubles performing age – appropriate academic and self – care tasks. The main issue in such cases consists of a problem processing information and subsequently reacting in the appropriate way (e.g. catching a ball, noticing a moving car, generally performing in a coordinated way, etc.). Such issues often lead to problems at school such as not being able to write and listen at the same time or bad headaches (which may be caused by overuse of the cervical spine due to the inability to separate and coordinate the use of the shoulder-blades, hands and cervical spine).

Whilst it was once thought that children would simply outgrow such motor difficulties, it is now known that these disorders tend to persist throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Addressing this problem can help your child to better perform certain motor tasks and significantly reduce the risk of developing secondary difficulties which may result from such motor-related issues.

With respect to these disorders, we enjoy close cooperation with the Prague Motol University Hospital and Prof. Pavel Kolář who is widely acknowledged to be an expert in these issues.

We offer:

Diagnostics – the seriousness and area of dyspraxia – the initial examination and the processing of the results: CZK 1000

The results and appropriate treatment (e.g. stimulation through the performance of activities, individual physiotherapy etc.) are discussed in detail with the parents following the investigation

Individual physiotherapy: 45 minutes, CZK 600

We also offer regular children’s group classes for the treatment of dyspraxia which are held in a fun environment and which aim to assist each child in terms of achieving new motor skills. We adjust our classes to best suit all the children involved and employ age-appropriate and play-based exercise regimes. Our groups are run on an open basis, so that your child can join us at any time. You are invited to make reservation in our system at any time.

Group class for improving motor skills for children aged from 4 – 6 years – Wednesdays from 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Group class for improving motor skills for children aged from 7 -10 years – Mondays 3pm – 4pm

Group class for improving motor skills for children aged from 11 – 18 years – Mondays 4pm – 5pm

The option also exists of booking a short examination aimed at evaluating your child´s progress: 30 minutes, CZK 400

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